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Applying a Roof Coating is Fast

16 May, 2016

Coating your roof with one of our silicone roof coatings is one of the fastest home improvement projects you will ever undertake. There is some time required to prep the roof, but it is extremely minimal compared to every other roof system out there. Basically, just make sure that your roof is in decent shape, and you can apply a roof coating, and apply it fast at that.

Applying a roof coating is fast for several different reasons, we’ll look at two different reasons in this post.

Applying a Roof Coating is Fast: No Primer

Most other roof coatings that are available to homeowners require a primer to be applied to the roof system before the coating can be installed. It’s good to require the primer if it’s required for good adhesion, but it’s an extra step in the process and negates the benefit that installing a roof coating is fast. Perhaps only installing a silicone roof coating is fast, because it requires no primer in almost every single application. This saves you time, effort, and money.

applying roof coatings fast

A single coat is all it takes to renew your roof.

Applying a Roof Coating is Fast: Single Coat

On top of requiring a primer, many other roof coatings require that multiple coats of their product be applied to the roof after you apply the primer. So this means that you’re looking at installing a primer, then installing 2+ coats of coating, meaning you’re going to have to coat the roof at least 3 different times. With our product, you coat the roof once. One application of our silicone roof coating is all it takes to reach the correct thickness and renew your roof. This saves time and money. It is also the key to ensuring that installing your roof coating is fast: you have to purchase a coating that can be quickly applied.


Applying a silicone roof coating is fast because it doesn’t require a primer and only takes one coat to install the product. This makes it a much better option when compared to other coatings because it is faster, easier, and less expensive when all material and labor costs are weighed.

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