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Applying Roof Coatings to Fix Your Leaking Roof

15 April, 2016

When you discover that you have a leaking roof over your head in your home, there are several options to fix it. We looked at several options from a high-level viewpoint here, but let’s look at one option in greater detail here: Applying Roof Coatings.

applying roof coatings

Applying a silicone roof coating on your roof is one of the best ways to fix a leaking roof.

Applying Roof Coatings to Fix Your Leaks

One of the easiest, fastest, most inexpensive ways you can fix a leaking roof is by applying a roof coating directly to the existing roof surface. If you have a flat or low sloped roof that is relatively smooth (you shouldn’t try to apply a roof coating to a shingled roof or a gravel roof because the ridges in the roof require too much coating and it is no longer cost-effective), your roof is a candidate for applying a roof coating. The beauty of a roof coating is that it goes on in either one or two coats, and forms a seamless, monolithic, completely waterproof barrier over your roof.

Roofs with seams are prone to leaking because there are very clear, defined areas (seams) where the roof can fail and let water in. A seamless roofing system that is achieved by applying a roof coating, however, isn’t prone to those same leaks and generally outperforms a roofing system with seams.

Completely Encapsulate the Problems

When you have a roof with multiple areas that are leaking, simply making repairs most likely won’t provide repairs that you’ll be happy with. You’re basically applying small patches to a large roof area that has already failed and will most likely fail again in the future.

The best way to solve the problem of a leaking roof is to completely cover, or encapsulate the leaks that are appearing. The best way to completely encapsulate a leaking roof is by applying a roof coating to cover the entire surface. This eliminates every single current leak in one fell swoop, instead of only patching the areas that you find. Applying a roof coating also eliminates the possibility of future leaks reappearing on the roof surface. The roof coating could be damaged and begin to leak, but that very rarely occurs.


By applying a roof coating to your leaking roof, you can completely encapsulate all existing leaks and fix them all at once, rather than patching many different spots and potentially missing more holes and leaks that you couldn’t find. Applying a roof coating is the most cost-effective way to fix multiple roof leaks available to homeowners.

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