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Avoid Paying for Temporary Repairs

05 October, 2015
When most homes get a leak, the homeowners are more than ready to climb up on the roof and patch the leak with a temporary fix, or call a contractor and pay them to install a temporary fix on their roof. Both of these are suboptimal options because they are only temporary; they don’t fix the core of the problem, and you’ll therefore have to perform the repairs, or something similar to the repairs, again. Don’t waste your money on temporary repairs that you’ll have to perform again, get a long term solution on your roof; get a silicone coating on your roof.

temporary repairs

These seams will certainly leak in the future, if not now.

Coatings Eliminate Seams

One of the most common causes of residential roof leaks are seams in the roof. Whether the roof is flat metal panels, single-ply, or one of many other systems, it generally has seams and these almost always leak. Many homeowners will patch a leak on a seam without recognizing that the rest of the seams are still prone to leak! Eliminating seams with a silicone roof coating is a much more permanent solution.

Coatings Eliminate Fasteners

Another common cause for roof failure in residential roofs are the fasteners in the system. Any piece of a system that has to be attached with a fastener is now susceptible to leaking through the hole that the fastener creates. Silicone roof coatings can eliminate the issue of fasteners by completely encapsulating the fastener and the hole, making it impossible for water to get through that hole unless the coating is damaged.

Coatings Stick Around

Finally, coatings are a much better repair option than just patching because they stick around for 20+ years. When was the last time you patched a roof and the repair stayed intact for over 20 years? Probably never, because patches aren’t designed to do that. Silicone roof coatings however can patch and fix a roof for well over 20 years.


Silicone roof coatings are a great way to repair your leaking residential roof because they can eliminate the seams on you roof, they can eliminate the issue of fasteners leaking, and they long term option. Don’t waste your money on temporary repairs, use a silicone roof coating to get long-laster results.

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