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Coat Your Home for These Benefits

So you think you might want to coat your home with a silicone or acrylic coating? How do you know if a coating is better than traditional roofing systems? And if coatings are better, how do you know which type of coating is the best? Hopefully this post will help you make a better choice on whether or not you should coat your home, and what material you should use if you do choose to coat your home.

coat your home

A reflective roof coating can save you a lot of money in the summer.

Why Coat Your Home Instead of Using Traditional Roof Systems

We believe that for flat or low-sloped roofs, coatings are superior to traditional roofing systems available today. The benefits that coatings provide once installed are simply unmatched by traditional roofs.


Roof coatings, particularly white roof coatings, are extremely reflective, which means they send the sun’s UV rays back into the atmosphere rather than absorbing them. This reflectivity means your home stays cooler in the summer, which means you spend less on energy.

Easy Installation

Most roofing systems take an extremely long time to install, and require you to hire a contractor to come work on your roof. Silicone coatings, however, are extremely simple and are a true DIY roofing option.


Seams are the major cause of leaks and roof failure in most homes, so a system with no seams is obviously a major benefit. By eliminating the seams on the roof of your home, we prevent the majority of leaks that could occur.

How Silicone Coatings Are Superior to Acrylic Coatings

So based on the preceding paragraphs, you believe that coating your home is a better option than putting a traditional roofing system on it – which roof coating  should you use on your home? Below are three areas where silicone crushes acrylic, the major competition in the roof coating industry.


Silicone coatings provide the lowest VOC content available. VOCs are harmful to the environment, your home, and the lungs of everyone who breathes them in. Lower VOC means a better product.

Ponding Water Resistance

Acrylic coatings simply cannot withstand ponding water. They crack and peel up from the surface very quickly. If you were applying them to your roof to stop leaks under ponding water, they won’t work. Silicone, on the other hand, can completely resist ponding water.

Longer Life

Silicone coatings last longer than acrylic, and can be recoated every 10-20 years to extend the life further. Acrylics will break down long before a silicone coating will.


Roof coatings are superior to traditional roofing systems for the three reasons seen above, and silicone coatings are superior to acrylic coatings for three reasons seen above. If you’d like more info about why and how to coat your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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