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Don’t Let Leaks into Your Home

03 October, 2016

A big problem for many homeowners the inability to prevent leaks from entering their home. Whether it’s due to them not recognizing problems with the shingles, siding, gutter system, or windows, or due to them not knowing how to fix problems once they see them, many homeowners simply don’t have the means to prevent their home from being ruined by leaks. Obviously, we are going to focus on roof leaks since that is the problem that we can solve with our products, but there are many different ways water can enter your home through leaks.

stop your roof leaks

Roof leaks may not always be where you think they are, but they will find a way in!

Stop Leaks Immediately

The key takeaway regarding roof leaks is this: if you notice a problem on your roof, figure out how to fix it or call someone to come and fix it – immediately. Don’t let water sneak into your attic and develop mold. Don’t let it damage and stain your drywall ceilings. Don’t let water decrease the R-value of your insulation and cost you money on your energy bill. As soon as you see a problem, fix it or get it fixed. It’s important!

The First Step is Detection

In order to prevent and stop leaks in your home, the first step is to detect the leak. If you aren’t a construction worker and don’t know how to detect problems on your roof, then it’s probably worth paying a contractor to come inspect the roof and see if anything is wrong with it. On a home, an inspection every 1-2 years is usually sufficient. In many cases, you can get free roof inspections from contractors with the understanding that if you choose to have any work done, you utilize their surfaces.


Preventing and stopping leaks in your home is extremely important. It prevents mold, keeps you from making repairs inside the house, and keeps your insulation working at its highest level. If you’ve got questions on how to prevent leaks, give us a call today and we can help you out.

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