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Don’t Let Your Roof Get Out of Hand

15 September, 2016

A big mistake many homeowners make is ignoring small problems that they notice on their roof until they get out of hand and become major problems. Don’t let yourself be someone who makes this mistake. When you see something going on with your roof, it’s important to take care of it right away. Not only will this prevent more damage from developing, but even minor problems can allow water into your home. Visually inspect your roof and check for these common roof failures often so you can catch and fix them early.

Leaks Entering Your Home Can Get Out of Hand

Most people don’t ignore a leak if water is dripping on the kitchen table, but it’s a little bit easier to ignore a leak that comes down in the attic or wall and just discolors the drywall a little bit. While these leaks are easy to ignore, they shouldn’t be. They always grow, they never fix themselves, and they can lead to mold developing inside your home.

out of hand

Small problems on your roof can get out of hand and quickly become big problems. Don’t let it happen to you!

Ponding Water Developing

The development of ponding water on your roof is often only the symptom of a true problem, such as a poorly sloped roof or a roof that is sagging when under pressure. Ponding water is a problem that, when left alone, can get out of hand very quickly. Don’t ignore the ponding water on your roof. Fix it yourself or call a contractor to repair it before it gets out of hand and you have to completely replace your roof.

Roof Cracking, Peeling, or Coming Apart

If the roof on your home is a membrane roofing system or a single-ply roof, then it is likely that at some point in it’s life the membrane will crack and peel at the seams of the roof. Once the seams start to tear and pull apart, the problem can get out of hand very quickly. Fix these problems as recommended by your roof’s manufacturer, or call a contractor in to fix them before they develop into major leaks and give you a major headache.


The problems listed above are common to just about every roof, regardless or what type it is. The key to handling these problems is to identify them when they are small and repair them before they get out of hand and cost a fortune to get fixed. Contact us today for more tips on repairing your roof.

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