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Applying a Roof Coating is Easy

02 May, 2016

Fixing a leaking roof by applying a roof coating is easy. It’s one of the biggest selling points of our material and our system: you can truly do it by yourself, and most projects can be completed in about a day. Applying a roof coating on your home is one of the easiest home improvement projects you will ever take on. Let’s look at a few factors that make it so easy, and how each of these factors can save you time and money when compared to other systems.

No Primer Required Means Easy Installation

Our silicone roof coatings have been specially formulated to adhere to nearly any roof surface. This means that whether you have a TPO roof, a metal roof, a spray foam roof, or most other kinds of roofs, our material can still be applied and adhere very well to your roof. This is a major advantage over most other roof coatings because they require a primer, which is more time, money and effort to install.

easy installation

Even on metal roofs, our coating can be installed in only a single coat.

Only One Coat Required

Our material has also been formulated to allow it to be applied thicker in a single coat. Traditionally, applying a roof coating might take two or three coats depending on the substrate. With our silicone, you can cover the entire roof in one coat. This uses less material and takes less time, making it a much easier job for you.

Quick Cure Times

Applying a roof coating was once a job that took a few days because the material had to cure. Not anymore. In most weather conditions, our coating can cure on the surface in around 2 hours and cure all the way through in around 10. To be safe, we recommend 24 hours before you get up on the roof and walk on the coating, but it’s usually been cured for several hours by that point. Quick curing means any other work you want to do on the roof can take place sooner than with other coatings. Once you are done applying a roof coating manufactured by us, you don’t have to wait as long to keep working.


Our coatings have been specially formulated to outperform the competition. Their superior adhesion, thicker application, and quicker cure times all mean you have an easier project that doesn’t take nearly as long.

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