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Improve Your Residential Roof to Eliminate Leaks

15 July, 2016

A common reason for homeowners to decide to improve their residential roof is to eliminate leaks that have arisen in their roof over the years. It is not uncommon for a roof to slowly, over the course of time, develop a set of small leaks that aren’t major issues for the home, but are certainly something that needs to be fixed. Sometimes people improve their roof to receive better insulation performance, better slope, or maybe to replace a roof surface that is simply out of date. However, other times the roof is leaking and it just needs to be improved to return to a watertight condition. What are some different ways you can improve your residential roof to eliminate leaks in your home?

eliminate leaks

Replacing your entire roof requires tear-off, which is a difficult process.

Replace the Entire Roof

This is a very drastic option, and is usually reserved for situations where the roof is completely covered in leaks. A roof that is leaking from many parts of the roof and leaking bad from each spot may need to be completely replaced. Additionally, if the roof is leaking and is also very old and is generally worn out anyways, replacing it may be a good idea rather than sinking money into repairs when you’ll have to replace the roof next year.

Make Repairs to the Leaks

If the roof is leaking but the leaks aren’t too pervasive and you can fix a few of them with some simple repair work, then repairing the roof may be your best option. Repairs can vastly improve your residential roof and can completely eliminate leaks, though repairs can be a temporary option when compared with replacement or option 3: a silicone roof coating.

Install a Silicone Roof Coating to Eliminate Leaks

If your roof is in pretty good shape (in contrast to option 1) but it just has a few or maybe even a lot of leaks, a silicone roof coating may be the answer for you. It adheres to most roof surfaces and will eliminate leaks that are in the roof now and will almost completely prevent new leaks from developing. It’s seamless, monolithic membrane is rarely victim to new leaks. This is an inexpensive way to repair many leaks at once, while also getting a completely new roof surface.


When your roof is leaking, you’ve got to do something to it to eliminate those leaks. If your roof doesn’t need to be replaced, a silicone roof coating is often your best option.

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