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Fix a Leaking Roof on Your Home

16 March, 2016

Have you ever noticed a leak in your home, either through a wet floor, a bead of water running down the wall, a discolored ceiling, or some other telltale sign of a leak? If yes, you know that a leak is no fun and the process you must go through to fix a leaking roof isn’t fun either. It takes up time and money and can give you a major headache. Let’s look at your options for the next time you have to fix a leaking roof, while still hoping that you never have to go through this process.

Fix a Leaking Roof with a Contractor

If the roof on your home starts to leak, many times your best bet is to call in a contractor who is a professional and has lots of experience fixing leaking roofs just like yours. If you don’t really know how to fix a leaking roof, then you can get in way over your head trying to do so when you simply don’t have the experience. In those cases, a contractor is a great choice.

fix a leaking roof

Making roof repairs is a good way to fix a leaking roof if you have only a few leaks and can readily locate them.

Fix a Leaking Roof by Making Repairs

Making repairs can be a cost-effective way to fix a leaking roof, as long as you aren’t making repairs when your roof needs to be replaced or restored. Unfortunately, many people choose to repair their roof when they really need an entirely new roof, and they end up spending a ridiculous amount of time and money on the repairs when they could have gotten a brand new roof that didn’t leak with a warranty for about the same time and money.

Apply a Coating to Fix a Leaking Roof

Another option to fix a leaking roof is to install a roof coating directly to the existing roof. This is only an option if the roof is flat or low-sloped and has a smooth surface, but when this option is available it’s a great choice that can save you tons of time and money. A coating is a great way to fix a leaking roof for 3 main reasons:

Applying a Coating is Easy

Our coating can be applied by anyone who knows how to use a paint roller. Sure, it takes practice, focus, and skill, but as long as you pay attention you can do it yourself. This saves you money, and allows you to get the roof done when you want it done.

Applying a Coating is Fast

Our coatings are designed to work after only one coat with no primer required. Other systems require a primer and two applications of coating, meaning you are covering your entire roof 3 times. That’s a lot of time and effort when other systems like ours can finish the roof in one coat.

Applying a Coating is Inexpensive

Going hand in hand with the previous paragraph, applying a roof coating from us is a very cost-effective way to fix a leaking roof. It only requires one coat which reduces expenses, and is also something that you can do on your own without the need to pay someone else for their labor. Can you say savings?

When You Must Replace Your Roof

Sometimes the only way to fix a leaking roof is to tear it off and replace it. If you roof is leaking because it’s in horrible shape and is no longer structurally sound, then it may just be time for you to pay someone to remove your roof and replace it. This is a major headache and a big expense, which is why we encourage you to make your roof last as long as possible to avoid the need for replacement.


Having a roof on your home inevitably means that you’ll one day have leaks that you have to fix. There are many different ways to fix a leaking roof, and there can be multiple options for your home that are good options. Take some time to evaluate your situation before making a large purchase to make sure you fix your leaking roof the right way.

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