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Fix Roof Leaks Yourself

05 February, 2016
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Do you think that you can repair your roof yourself? Many homeowners think that they can climb a ladder and find and fix roof leaks in 15 minutes, but it rarely works out that way. In most cases, a homeowner will climb up on the roof, try to fix it themselves, and then realize 4 hours later that they’ve made no progress and have actually caused more damage to their roof than was there in the first place. If you have evaluated this as a possibility and still think you can repair your roof, check out these tips (and more here) to help you stay safe and be smart about your roof repair.

fix roof leaks

Remember that safety is your top priority when working on your roof. So take your time and be safe.

Take Your Time to Fix Roof Leaks

The biggest mistake homeowners make when they attempt to fix roof leaks is they think they can do it very quickly. 15-30 minutes tops and they’ll be back inside watching football. However, this is the type of attitude that leads to rushing, which almost always leads to mistakes. If you’re going to work on your roof, wait until you’ve got all day to do it. Set aside a Saturday and start early in the morning. Allow yourself to make some mistakes, backtrack, and go slowly. If you take your time, you can do this.

Pay Attention to Where Things Are

As you get up on your roof and start taking things apart trying to find the problem, remember exactly where things were, how they were attached, what was underneath them, etc. In order to do this, you’ll probably want to slip a small notebook into your back pocket, or take pictures of everything you take apart on your phone. This way, you can put everything back together correctly when you are finished.

Know Your Limits

If, as you are working on your roof, don’t be afraid to recognize and admit you’re in over your head. It’s a lot better to stop working and call a professional than it is to keep trudging onward and do $3,000 worth of damage to your roof.


If you are thinking about repairing the roof yourself, be very careful that you know what you are doing or know you can figure it out. If you can’t, then call a contractor. Don’t even waste time ruining your roof when a contractor knows exactly what they are doing. Save yourself time and money and bow out if you don’t think you know how to repair your roof.

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