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Ways You Can Fix Your RV Roof

23 February, 2016

Do you drive an RV with a roof that likes to leak in a heavy rain? Are you tired of setting up buckets to catch the dripping when you arrive at your destination? A fantastic solution to fix your leaking RV roof is a silicone roof coating. You can apply a silicone coating to your entire RV roof in a single afternoon and will usually be covered under warranty for 20 years! If you decide on a silicone coating and decide to purchase from us, then you’ll definitely have a 20 year warranty. Keep reading more to see how silicone can help you fix your leaking RV roof.

RV roof

If your RV roof is leaking, take the time to fix it and save your investment.

Applying a Coating to Your RV Roof

If you’re looking to fix a leaking RV roof in an easy, inexpensive, and time-sensitive manner, then a silicone roof coating is perfect for you. Perhaps the easiest possible way to fix an RV roof is to apply a silicone coating to the entire surface. This coating will give you what is called a monolithic surface – which just means that it’s all one piece and there are no seams or fasteners to leak. By applying a silicone coating, you can pretty much ensure that your RV roof won’t leak for the next 20 years, and repairs of the silicone are extremely easy, so there’s no sweat there either.

Using Sealant for Small Spots

If you don’t want to coat your entire RV roof with a silicone coating, you can also use a silicone caulk (we only recommend silicone products due to their superior performance) to fix only the areas that are leaking. Because it is a caulking material, it can be applied very accurately and precisely while still being spread thin to stop the leaks. Once it cures, any holes in your roof will be sealed. The only issue with using sealant for your RV roof leak is that you will have to continue to patch more and more spots as more leaks develop, whereas a silicone coating would completely seal the entire surface.

Make Traditional Repairs on Your Roof

Many folks who own an RV are still unsure of whether or not they can trust a silicone coating to protect their RV. For these people, the traditional repair methods are still preferable over a silicone coating. Those who go this route will usually find that it takes more work, time, and money to make repairs this way. They get a repair that they are more confident in and comfortable with – which is a good thing – but they miss out on the ease and effectiveness of a silicone coating.


If your RV roof is leaking, you’ve got several different options for fixing it. We recommend a silicone coating or at the very least a sealant on the leaks, because those are the materials we manufacture and we truly believe they are effective systems. However, more traditional repairs are also an option. Only you can decide which method of leak prevention is best for you, but if you’d like to talk to us about what we think, give us a call.

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