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Getting More Out of Your Roof

01 September, 2016

Want to get more out of your roof on your home? Want to make it last longer, perform better, and cost less money? We have a great way to improve your roof in an affordable way to get more out of it in the long run: a silicone roof coating.

Get More Out of Your Roof Today

Silicone roof coatings aren’t an improvement you make to your roof that allows you to break even on the savings in 10 years. These aren’t fluorescent light bulbs that have a 12 year pay off if you replace every bulb in the house. No, silicone roof coatings can help you get more out of your roof today. They can be ordered online, installed yourself, and the whole process completed in a little over a week. Once installed, silicone roof coatings improve the energy efficiency of your home immediately, they keep your home cooler and more comfortable, and they stop any current – and prevent any future – leaks. You can get more out of your roof the second you install our silicone coatings on it.

Roof coatings life expectancy

A white roof increases the reflectivity of your home and therefore saves you money.

How Do Silicone Coatings Help?

As we briefly touched on in the previous paragraph, silicone roof coatings allow you to get more out of your roof in a few different ways. First of all, they allow you reduce the amount you spend on energy costs thanks to their reflectivity. Rather than absorbing UV rays and converting that energy into heat inside your home, a silicone roof coating will reflect those UV rays back into the atmosphere and keep your house cooler, which means you don’t have to spend energy cooling your house in the summer.

Silicone coatings also eliminate the need for repairs because once they’re installed, they rarely fail and rarely leak. They are the “set it and forget it” product of the roofing industry. They help you get more out of your roof by taking the hassle out of it; no repairs, little maintenance, just regular inspections to make sure everything is in good condition.


Silicone roof coatings are a great way to get more out of your roof. They reduce energy usage, allow you to focus more on the inside of your home than the outside, and are extremely easy to install.

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