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Can You Install Your Own Roof?

10 December, 2015

It can be very difficult, but yes! You can install your own roof on your home. More and more homeowners are learning every day that with our silicone roof coating, they have the time, energy, and skills required to install their own roof. And why do they have the time, energy and skills? Because our system is extremely fast, easy, and simple to install. Almost any homeowner can do it. If you can paint a wall, you can install our silicone roof coatings over your existing roof.

Install your own roof

You can install your own roof!

What Are Your Options?

If you want a new roof on your house and you want to install it yourself, you basically have two options. In our minds, one is a good option, and one is a poor option.

Install a Complex System

Your first option is to install a traditional roofing system, which will always be more complex than a silicone roof coating. In most cases, this will require you to tear off your existing roof and replace it with the new system. You’ll need to learn the techniques required to install the new system you choose, buy the equipment required to install it, and learn how to tear off your old roofing system.

Not only does this mean you have to spend time learning all about the new system and have to constantly check yourself to make sure you’re installing it right, but it also means you have to expose your home to the elements when you tear out your existing roof! That’s quite a risk you probably aren’t interested in.

Install a Silicone Roof Coating

Your second option is to install a silicone roof coating over your existing roof. This is a very inexpensive, simple, yet effective option. You can install it with nothing more than a ladder, a paint roller, and a bucket of material. It will provide resistance from the sun, leak-free protection, and can be renewed at any time by simply applying another coat.


If you’re looking to install your own roof, a silicone roof coating is the choice for you. It’s fast, easy, and you can do it yourself with no new practice. It’s the DIY roofing system that you’ll actually do yourself.

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