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Our System.

Energy Efficient

Our silicone coating creates a “cool roof” that reflects sunlight and radiant heat away from a rooftop. This allows the inside of the home to stay cool and reduces energy bills.


We have specially formulated our silicone coating to give it exceptionally strong physical properties that allow it to continue its strong performance even under ponding water.


No tear-off is ever required with our material. Almost any roofing surface can be powerwashed and have our coating applied directly to it; even surfaces that have already received our coating.

The performance of your roof is a big deal. Poor performing roofs result in leaks, energy loss, and a myriad of potential structural problems to your house, barn, garage or other properties. The last thing you want to have to worry about is the roof over your family’s head. You want it to be safe, secure, and sealed tight from the weather.

Don’t continue using a band aid to deal with your roofing issues by making temporary repairs such as patching. Get to the heart of the problem and correct it with industry leading roofing materials manufactured by Progressive Materials.

The roofing solutions engineered by Progressive Materials will help you solve your commercial roofing problems. Our Research and Development (R&D) Team continually go to great lengths to develop quality roofing systems that are sustainable, energy efficient, and high performing. Our residential roof products are produced from the highest quality raw materials using our proprietary chemical formulation and will ensure that your roof keeps leaks and bad weather out of your home, or other buildings.

If you have questions about our roofing systems, our products, our process, or our people, give us a call at 812-944-7803 and we’d love to help you figure out if we can help with your situation.

Our line of silicone coatings and primers work together to create a roofing system unlike any other. When you apply our product to your existing roofing system, you are getting a roof that is more energy efficient, is waterproof, is seamless, is fully adhered, is renewable (simply re-apply in 15-20 years with no tear-off), is reflective, and is easier to install than any other system out there.

You can break our product offering into three separate categories: Roof Coatings, Primers, and Accessories. See more about each category below.

Roof Coatings

Our roof coatings are made of 100% silicone. They are fully designed, manufactured, tested, and distributed from our headquarters in New Albany, IN. Our coating has the highest solids content on the market, meaning you can apply more in a single coat without sacrificing performance.

After power washing your roof surface and testing the adhesion of our product, you can apply our roof coating directly the the roof surface. Once applied, our coating creates a 100% seamless, waterproof, reflective roof membrane that will keep your home dry and safe from the elements. All of the benefits of our roof coating also come with a 20 year material warranty.


We provide a full line of primers that enhance the adhesion of our product over almost any surface. Our roof coatings typically don’t require a primer, but if you ever find that you need one, you can trust that we sell it.

Our primers can stop rust growth on metal roofs, remove oily residue on single-ply roofs, or simply prepare a general surface for silicone application.

Most of our primers are designed to dry rapidly so that they don’t turn a one day job into a two-three day job. We like our time to be spent working – not waiting – and we know you do too.


Our accessory lineup is pretty short. One accessory for use before our coating (test kit), and three for use during and after coating application (flashing sealant, silicone caulk and polyester fabric).

Our system is very self-sufficient and doesn’t require a lot of accessories to create a seamless roof membrane. However, some flashings, joints, and protrusions in residential roofs can pose problems for coating alone. Once paired with our accessories, however, these difficult protrusions are no longer a concern.