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Metal Applications

Our coating works flawlessly on metal roofs, preventing leaks, fastener backout and minimizing thermal shock, while also keeping the interior building temperature consistent. Unless there is rust on the roof surface, no primer should be required on metal roofs.

Below are the products we recommend if you have a metal roof:

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We always recommend using a test kit prior to applying our material to ensure that it adheres to your surface.

Does my roof need a primer

Once you have tested the adhesion of our material on your roof surface, you will need coating.

100% silicone roof coating residential bucket

Coating over metal should be applied at a thickness of 2.0 gallons per 100 square feet, achieving a final thickness of 20-25 mils.

If rust is present on your metal roof surface, use this rust-block primer to stop rust growth in it’s tracks.

Rust Block Primer should be applied over metal at a thickness of 1/2 gallon per 100 square feet.

Seams between the metal panels (vertical and horizontal) will likely require polyester fabric to become watertight.

Create a watertight seal on vertical services on your roof with our 100% silicone flashing sealant.