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Ponding Water Deteriorates Your Roof

02 January, 2017

If the threat of leaks in your home caused by ponding water weren’t enough to make you want to fix the ponding water issues on your roof, perhaps the fact that ponding water deteriorates the roof itself will get you thinking. Ponding water on your roof is a serious problem for your home even if it isn’t leaking yet. Ponding water leads to leaks, and should therefore be stopped before leaking if possible.

deterioratesPonding Water Deteriorates Your Roof Membrane

As far as roof coatings go, silicone is just about the only coating that can withstand ponding water and won’t deteriorate when exposed to it over time. Silicone is a moisture-curing product and isn’t water based, which means that water won’t break it down as it does water based coatings.

Acrylic coatings, for instance, can only perform under ponding water conditions for a year or so, typically two years max. After that, the coating begins to break down, peel and flake up, and the roof will soon be exposed to the elements. If your roof has ponding water and you don’t want to eliminate the ponding water, it’s important to either choose a roofing system, coating or otherwise, that can resist ponding water. If you choose a system that breaks down under ponding water, you will have leaks in your home in a short time.

Roofs with Seams are At Risk

Roof systems that have seams in them are also at risk of leaking when exposed to ponding water, because the seams on those roof are an extremely weak point that can deteriorate and peel up when exposed to ponding water for any length of time. Obviously if the seams on your roof fail and peel up, you’re going to experience leaks.


Ponding water on the roof of your home may not immediately lead to leaks in your home, but it almost always will if ignored for long enough. In many cases, “long enough” is only 1-2 years. After that short period of time, leaks may start to develop. Don’t let leaks develop in your home, stop them before they stop by preventing ponding water or choosing a roof coating that can withstand it.

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