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Ponding Water Leads to Leaks in Your Home

15 December, 2016

How many things in life aren’t serious and then slowly turn into major problems? A small cut that gets infected, a crack in your home’s foundation that eventually leads to major shifting, and ponding water on your roof that leads to leaks. Many flat roofed homes have some amount of ponding water on them, and it usually starts out small enough that the homeowners don’t worry about it. Ponding water is a risky problem to let slide and ignore because it so often leads to leaks in your home. Let’s look at the causes and true problems of ponding water.

Leaks in your home Causes of Ponding Water

No roof is planned to have ponding water on it. If there is ponding water, it is a mistake and can lead to serious problems. If your home sags, it can distort the slope of the roof which allows water to pond on the surface. Sometimes the roof itself sags between the supports which creates a small pool and allows ponding water to develop. The struggle with ponding water is that once it starts ponding, it causes the roof to sag further over time and begins a vicious cycle of ponding water. Other times, the roof is simply installed poorly and you have ponding water from the outset. This is rare, and if you notice ponding water shortly after your flat roof installation, you should call the contractor back immediately and have the issue resolved then and there. Ponding water can be caused by any number of issues with the roof, but it doesn’t stop there, once it is present, ponding water leads to leaks in your home.

Ponding Water Leads to Leaks

Ponding water can develop leaks in your roof by exposing tiny imperfections that weren’t a problem before the ponding water developed. Tiny pinholes in your roof may not be a big issue when water is running over them. But once it is ponding and putting constant pressure on those holes, they can expand and turn into large leaks. Ponding water also breaks down certain roof coatings (not silicone) which leads to leaking, and it can deteriorate the seams of a single-ply roof which will also lead to leaking. Ponding water seems like an innocent item on your roof or at the very least a minor annoyance, but that is not true, it can become a major problem in a short amount of time and lead to serious roof leaks.


Just like many other things in life that start out small but can grow into major issues, ponding water seems to be something that doesn’t matter until it leads to multiple leaks in your home. If you have ponding water, don’t hesitate to fix the problem today – you’ll be glad you did.

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