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Recoating Your Home

04 December, 2015

So you installed a silicone roof coating on your home 15-20 years ago. What’s next? Like anything else that has gone through years of use, the coating may be getting worn out. While our coating can last much longer than 20 years, you may from time to time need to rejuvenate the coating with a silicone recoat. Recoating your home is fast, simple, and inexpensive. The essence of a recoat is going back over the roof with a new layer of silicone to, once again, give it a waterproof membrane. This will give you a brand new roof that will protect from leaks and will be more energy efficient.

Saving money with silicone

Silicone makes repairing your roof a breeze.

Roof Prep

Before you can start the recoating process you will need to do a few things to prep your roof for the new layer of coating you are about to install. First, you will need to clean the old roof. This will allow your to better inspect your roof to ensure you don’t miss anything, and will also allow the new coating to properly adhere to the existing coating. During your inspection, you should look for any cracks or damaged coating to be sure any issues are minor and can be fixed by a recoat. If serious damage has been done to your roof, you may need contact a professional contractor to repair it properly.  Once you have inspected the roof, you should then make the repairs as needed.


Once you’ve taken the time to clean your roof, inspect it, and made any necessary repairs, it is now time for you to start the recoating process. You will need to clean the roof off again to prepare it to receive coating and clean up any mess made by the repairs. Be sure you remove any dirt, debris or extra materials left over after the repairs. This can be done with a power washer or stiff-bristled broom, just make sure your repairs have time to completely cure before you start to clean so you won’t have to repair them again later.

Once your roof has dried, it is now time to apply the silicone coating. Before applying, make sure you have enough material to use for the entire roof. If you are not sure whether you have enough coating, you may want to go ahead and purchase a little bit more to avoid installing part of the roof at one time and another part later. The performance of the roof will not be hindered by applying at two different times, but the roof won’t look quite as nice, and you’ll have to clean all your tools and equipment twice. Applying the coating is very simple and can be done with a roller. You can apply the coating to anything on your roof, such as any flashings and edges, which will give the coating it a seamless finish which creates even less of a chance of your roof leaking.


Now that you have applied your new silicone roof it is time for you to sit back and watch your roof save you money during the remainder of its life. With a brand new layer of coating, your roof will be more reflective, which will cut back on your energy expenses throughout the year, and will also be leak free.

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