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Reflective Coating on Your Home

10 August, 2015

As we examined in this post, the choice to coat your home rather than use traditional roofing materials can be a scary one as coatings are so new, but it is a good one because they are so effective. The three main reasons we touched on that show coatings as superior to traditional systems are reflectivity, the seamless system, and easy installation. In this post, we’ll examine the benefits of a reflective coating, and why they’re so important.

Reflective coating

Taking the time to properly coat your roof will keep you cool all summer long.

A Reflective Coating Keeps You Cool

Most roofs on homes are not very reflective, which means they absorb much of the heat put off by the sun when it’s rays hit the roof. This heat is then transferred into the home, meaning your AC unit has to work harder to keep your home cool, which means you have to pay more on your electric bill. A reflective coating, however, does not absorb UV rays, and therefore doesn’t convert them into heat in your home. Since this heat isn’t being transferred to your home, your AC unit doesn’t work as hard, and you spend less money keeping your home cool. Not only is your house, RV, or camper now cooler in the summer, but you are more comfortable.

Reflectivity Keeps Your Roof Cool

Your attic contains a large portion of your home’s insulation, wiring, and duct work – getting up there to work in the attic is a very hot task at almost any time. Why? Because your roof transfers heat to your home. While the materials in your attic are made to withstand this heat, they last longer when they don’t have to face the heat. Keeping your roof cooler will help the items in your roof last longer.


If you choose to coat the roof on your home, you will be more comfortable on the inside, spend less money cooling your home, and your materials will last longer due to more normalized conditions. It’s a win-win-win.

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