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Replacing Your Residential Roof

01 August, 2016

We do not like roof replacement, and we hate to see you as a potential customer replacing your residential roof. It costs you money and time that you could save with a restoration coating. That is why we have built our entire business around preventing roof replacement and allowing you to avoid replacing your residential roof, because we don’t like to see roofs replaced. However, there are some roofs that are simply too far gone to be successfully replaced.

replacing your residential roof

A problem like this can be repaired without replacing your residential roof.

When Your Roof is Too Far Gone

Sometimes a roof is in bad structural condition and is falling apart, sometimes it is covered in so many leaks it is no longer useful, sometimes it is simply an outdated roof system that is no longer safe or recommended for residential roof. Whatever the case, if your roof is too far gone for repairs or restoration, then replacement is your only option. When you reach this point, your only choice is to start comparing different roofing systems and which ones you’d like to have on your home. Obviously, we want everyone to restore their roof before it comes time to replace it, but sometimes that is simply not possible for any number of reasons.

Replacing Your Residential Roof

If you find yourself in the situation described above where your roof is too far gone and must be replaced, then there are a few tips you should follow to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Take Your Time

As much as possible, take your time when evaluating your options and making a decision. Obviously, if the roof has blown off your home you have to hurry to replace it. But, if you have the luxury of slowing down and thinking about it, then do that.

Try Multiple Roofing Contractors

Too many people only call and consider one roofing contractor for their roof. They don’t get other prices, other timetables, or examine the quality of other potential contractors.

Evaluate Multiple Systems

Just because you had a certain system on your roof in the past does not necessarily mean that it is the best roofing system for your own. Evaluate some new, different systems and you may find that there are better options out there for you.


Replacing the roof on your home is a big decision that no one really loves to make, and is one that shouldn’t be made lightly. We recommend first having your roof inspected to see if it can be saved through repairs or restoration, and if not, then follow the tips above to properly replace the roof.

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