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When Should You Replace Your Roof?

11 February, 2016

We have seen roofs that have a multitude of leaks, as in too many leaks to count. There are buckets all over the floor catching water, and patches all over the roof attempting to stop water from entering the home. On top of these buckets and patches, there are also other areas where the roof is leaking into the home, garage or shed and isn’t being caught or prevented, which leads to water damage either in the ceiling or on the floors and walls. A roof that is in such bad shape that it requires a multitude buckets and patches is probably going to have to be replaced entirely. If your roof looks like those described above, it might be time to replace your roof.

How do you know when you need to replace your roof?

This leak looks pretty severe and may need more attention than just a small patch.

A Lost Cause

We specialize in roof rehab. Silicone roof coating restoration (link refers to commercial buildings, but the principles apply to residential as well) is what we’ve built our business on: The ability to replace your roof that is leaking or out of warranty to a good working condition for a fair price. However, we also know that sometimes a roof is too far gone and has become a lost cause when it comes to roof rehabilitation. A roof with patches all over the surface and existing water damage inside the home already is probably a good candidate for replacement, not repairs or coating. In these situations, it’s best to just replace your roof rather than constantly patch and repair it.

Replace Your Roof

Replacing your leaking roof won’t be a fun project; it isn’t one that you should undertake if you can avoid it. However, if your roof has reached the point that it must be replaced in order for the home to stay safe, dry, and warm, then that is the route you must take. You must bite the bullet and get it fixed. When replacing your roof, try to find a contractor who you feel is trustworthy and will do good work. Finding a contractor who you can feel at ease with will make a difficult and stressful project much easier on you.


While we always try to restore roofs using silicone if possible, sometimes a roof is simply too far gone to be rehabbed and restored and must be replaced. If you feel your roof needs a replacement, call a contractor to come have a look and don’t be afraid to get multiple opinions and quotes on your roof.

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