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Resisting Ponding Water with a Roof Coating

Does your roof hold water for a few days after a storm? Do you have permanent ponding water on your roof? Neither of these is a very good thing to have on your roof, but they’re even worse if you don’t have a roof that is designed for resisting ponding water.
resisting ponding water

Get a coating that can resist ponding water such as this.

The True Solution

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, you need a silicone coating on your home. Don’t fiddle around with pumps, patches, and other coatings that claim to be resist ponding water – get silicone, the coating that actually does resists ponding water! Acrylic coating manufacturers claim that their coatings can resist ponding water, when in reality, if acrylics are exposed to ponding water they will begin to deteriorate and peel up within a year or two. What a waste of time and money!

The Easiest Method for Resisting Ponding Water

Silicone coatings are not only the best coating for resisting ponding water on the roof of your home, they are also the easiest solution for resisting ponding water. Your options are basically: install an acrylic coating which will fail; get in your attic, increase support under the ponding water area to raise up that section of the roof so the ponding goes away (this is actually a decent solution, but requires a significant amount of labor); put a pump on your roof to simply remove the water every time it rains (this can work, but is only temporary and what happens if your power goes out); manually remove the water each time it rains, which no one wants to do; or install a silicone roof coating that will resist the ponding water for up to 20 years – at which point you recoat.


Silicone coatings outperform all other coatings that claim to resist ponding water, and they are the easiest solution to preventing leaks from ponding water when looking to solutions outside coatings.

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