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Applying a Roof Coating is Inexpensive

Applying a roof coating is a very cost effective way to fix a leaking roof on your home. Calling a contractor to come out and locate the leaks and install the coating can get expensive fast, so an inexpensive alternative is a major benefit to you and your family. Let’s look at exactly how a applying a roof coating, specifically silicone, is so inexpensive.

Applying roof coating is inexpensive

No primer required to install our roof coatings.

No Primer Required

Many roof coatings require a primer to be installed on the every roof surface before their roof coating will stick. That’s fine if there are no other alternatives, but there are alternatives! A silicone roof coating can fix a leaking roof and requires no primer to do so. Instead of coating your entire roof with a primer, and then coating it with the actual roof coating, a silicone roof coating can be applied directly to the roof of your home in almost every case. Avoiding a primer isn’t the only way a silicone roof coating can inexpensively fix a leaking roof, however.

Only One Coat

Acrylics and urethane roof coatings both require multiple coats to get the proper thickness and protect your home from the elements. Silicone roof coatings, on the other hand, require only one coat to achieve proper thickness and provide complete roof protection. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule and in some cases you will have to apply multiple coats of silicone to your home, but that is the exception, not the rule. Generally speaking, one coat of a silicone roof coating is all it takes to fix a leaking roof.


There are many ways to fix a leaking roof on your home these days, and we truly believe that applying a silicone roof coating to your roof is the most effective, efficient way to do so. Contact us today if you’d like more information on our coatings or if you’d like us to help see if silicone coatings are a good fit for your home.

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