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Roof Coating Reflectivity

Installing a reflective roof coating on your home can save you significant amounts of money on energy each year. Roof coating reflectivity can account for up to 30% of energy savings in a home from one year to the next.

Most white roof coatings are reflective and keep your home, garage, camper, RV, or other roof cooler than traditional roof systems. Our silicone roof coatings are no exception, in fact they are often more reflective than other roof coatings.

In case this term is new to you, if a roof coating is reflective, that means it reflects UV rays back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing them. A reflective roof is a major benefit to homeowners everywhere for three main reasons.

Roof Coating ReflectivityRoof Coating Reflectivity Can Keep Your Energy Costs Low

By reflecting the rays, the roof and interior of the building stay cooler. When UV rays are absorbed, that heat is transferred to the interior of the building which means you have to pay to cool it. If, however, the sun’s UV rays are reflected back into the atmosphere, the interior of your home, camper, RV, etc. stays cooler and you spend less money to control the climate.

Keep Your Home More Comfortable

Another benefit of installing a reflective roof coating on your home is that the interior of your home will stay at a more constant temperature as it is impacted less by the sun and more by your thermostat. This allows you to worry less about the temperature outside while still holding your home’s temperature at a comfortable level.

Help the Environment

Reflective roof coatings also help the environment. There is a scientifically confirmed phenomenon known as the Urban Heat Island Effect, which basically states that areas that are more urbanized have higher temperatures and disrupted weather patterns that can be attributed to the absorption of UV rays by homes and other buildings. Every home that installs a reflective roof coating helps to combat the Urban Heat Island Effect and protect our planet.


Installing a reflective roof coating allows you to save money every month on your energy bill, feel more comfortable in your home, and help the environment around your home at the same time. It’s a win-win-win.

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