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Roof Coatings Have No Seams

17 June, 2015

Do you want a roof system that is full of weak spots and vulnerabilities? The obvious answer for almost everyone is a resounding “no”. When we get a roof on our home, garage, shed, etc., we want it to be leak-free and just work. One of the best ways to prevent leaks in a roof is to install a system with no seams. That is why we developed a great residential silicone roof product line that can provide you with a completely seam-free roof that will rarely, if ever, leak.

Roof seams are a problem for two major reasons. Let’s look at each problem created by seams and see how a silicone roof coating without seams could be a great solution for your home.

Roof coatings have no seams

Do you want a roof system with seams like these?

Seams Cause Leaks

As we said in the introduction, roof seams often lead to leaks after installation and this is obviously not something you want. A leaking roof can lead to many more problems inside your home, including mold, ruined drywall and paint, electrical issues, loss of energy, and more. A leaking roof is much worse than simply something that gets the inside of your house wet. Remove the seams from your roof and you remove many leaks.

No Seams Saves Time

This problem is in regards to product installation. When you are having a roof system installed, if it has seams on it such as a metal roof or a single-ply roof, the workers are going to take much longer fastening and bonding these seams than they will installing the rest of the roof. Seams simply slow down the installation process. By developing a system that requires no seams, not only is it simple enough that homeowners with no roofing experience can install it themselves, but they can do it very quickly because there are no seams to slow them down.


Seams in your roof system not only make it more prone to leaking, but they make it more expensive and time-consuming to install. Save yourself time and money by choosing a roof system with no seams.

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