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What to Do with a Roof That Is Cracking, Peeling, or Pulling Apart

15 November, 2016

If you own a home, you own a roof. If you own a roof, chances are you’ve got seams on it. Unless you have a spray foam or coated roof, you probably have some seams on the roof of your home. If your roof has seams, chances are that they will fail and eventually leak at some point in the life of the roof. What can you do to prevent roof leaks as a result of failed seams? Act quickly when you notice a problem. Let’s look at potential issues with seams.

Roof Cracking

Wherever seams reside on a roof is generally the place where the most pressure is applied to the roof membrane. These two pieces of roofing material have been glued, welded or fastened together, and both sides are pulling apart. The membrane will occasionally rot and start to peel under the pressure and UV rays. The UV rays hit the whole roof the same, but the additional pressure speeds up the process. If you notice areas on your roof where the material is cracking, fix it immediately with a patch or other repair method.

roof cracking

Seams coming apart and peeling up can be a major problem on your roof. What can you do about it?

Seams Peeling Up

As we stated in the previous paragraph, roofs with seams have the most pressure applied to the roof directly at the seams. The adhesive or fasteners at the seams often fail and the seams begin to peel up. If this occurs, it’s important to re-apply the adhesive, install new fasteners, or patch the problem spot before it turns into a larger problem.

Pulling Apart

The seams on your roof may also pull apart due to the intense pressure placed upon them. This can lead to immediate leaks if not repaired quickly. You will have a tough time stretching the two membranes back together, and will probably have to install a new roofing material over top of the area where the seams have pulled apart.


Seams can be a major problem on your roof. If not closely monitored, they can fail in a few places which leads to major failures on the roof. If you notice any of the problems mentioned above, fix them immediately in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’d like to learn about how a silicone roof coating can eliminate the problems caused by seams, contact us today.

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