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Your Roof is Leaking – Now What?

01 February, 2016

So you were sitting in your living room, or kitchen, or bathroom, or bedroom minding your own business, and suddenly you noticed a brown spot on the ceiling. Then, you realized two weeks later that the brown spot is even bigger. You put it all together and realize that your roof is leaking. So, what are your options now? How can and should you fix the leak moving forward?

What to Do When Your Roof is Leaking?

roof is leaking

Can you repair your roof and eliminate your roof leaks yourself?

Repair the Roof Yourself

If you’ve got some skills with various tools and a knack for solving physical problems, then maybe your best best is to climb up on the roof (wearing proper safety gear), figure out where the leak is coming from, and then fix the leak. A particular handy homeowner may be able to fix their leak in less than an hour. However, what do you do if you’re not extremely handy?

Have Your Roof Replaced

If the leak is bad enough, and is more than one leak, you may find that it’s time to replace the roof entirely. Perhaps you’ve got an older roof that is already in pretty poor shape. Well, once it begins leaking, it may be time to go ahead and replace the entire thing. This will be expensive, time consuming, and may expose your home to the elements for a matter of time. Tearing off a roof is very expensive and is not a project you should undertake without serious consideration.

Coat the Roof

If you’ve got a flat roof, you can apply a silicone coating over the entire field of the roof. This new coating will be seamless and leak-free, so it solves the initial problem you were trying to solve.


It is also a system that is truly DIY, meaning you can actually install the roof yourself with nothing more than a paint roller. If you aren’t the handyman like we described in the second paragraph, you can still install a silicone roof coating.

Hire a Contractor

However, if you don’t really know what you’re doing and aren’t great at solving physical, construction related problems like your roof, you may find that you want to hire a contractor. If you need a contractor, that’s great too, they can work with a silicone roof coating as well. Many roofing contractor who never used to install silicone roof coatings now install them all the time because 1) their customers demand it and 2) they themselves recognize the value of a silicone roof coating.


If you’ve recently discovered that your roof is leaking, don’t panic. You’ve got plenty of options available to you that involve DIY, hiring a contractor, performing repairs, and having your roof completely replaced. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about any of the options discussed here.

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