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RV, Camper, and Mobile Home Applications

Our silicone coatings are a great solution for anyone with an RV, Camper, Mobile Home, or similar roof that they want waterproofed, reflective, and easy to clean. They can usually be applied without a primer, and can be applied at a very thin rate, only requiring a couple gallons for most applications.

Below are the products we recommend if you want to coat your RV, Camper, Mobile Home or similar roof:

See full application instructions here.

We always recommend using a test kit prior to applying our material to ensure that it adheres to your surface.

Does my roof need a primer

Once you have performed adhesion tests and verified adhesion, you will most likely only need to apply coating.

100% silicone roof coating residential bucket

Coating over RVs, Campers and Mobile Homes should be applied at a thickness of 2.0 gallons per 100 square feet, achieving a final thickness of 25 mils.