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Save Time with DIY Roofing

20 January, 2016
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Get your roofing project done when you want it done.

As many homeowners have found out over the years, it can be pretty difficult to get a residential roofer out to your home right when you need them there. They are often booked up with other customers for several months at a time, so even if you call them they are going to say they can’t get to your roof for 5-6 months after the call. That’s not a good option if your roof is leaking, although compared to the next two timing issues, at least this one allows you to make other plans. In this situation, DIY roofing may be a better choice.

save time with DIY roofingOver-Booked

Not only do contractors sometimes tell you that they can’t get you in for a few months, which is at least a problem that allows you to call another contractor and get them on your roof, but sometimes they will tell you a date, and then they don’t show up. When you call them to ask what the deal is, they tell you they’re behind and will be there in a few weeks. Imagine that you’ve adjusted your work schedule to be there, or your roof is already leaking, and you’ll understand why this is unacceptable.

Delays and Distractions

In other cases, a residential roofing contractor will tell you when they can get your roof done, they’ll show up on time, but then they’ll get a call that is slightly more urgent from someone else. It’s not unheard for the contractor to just walk off of your roof to go work on this other project.

Maybe the other caller is leaking right now, or maybe they are a bigger customer with deeper pockets. Whatever the situation is, sometimes contractors will abandon your job with no warning for a distraction elsewhere. They’ll come back and fix your roof, but it might be delayed longer than you’d like.


Residential roofing contractors aren’t all bad and they don’t all leave you high and dry. In fact, many roofing contractors are extremely dependable. However, the most dependable contractors are in high demand, which means they may not be available for 6 months to a year. So, if you can figure the project out on your own and have the time and energy, it may be a good idea to simply perform the roofing project yourself; you can get it done right when you want it without counting on someone else.

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