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Seamless Roofing Systems Perform Better

20 August, 2015
What is the biggest advantage of a seamless roofing system? No seams! That is a painfully obvious statement, but it’s true and often overlooked. Seams can tear apart a roof on your home, so any system without seams is a major blessing. Let’s dig in and see how seams can hurt the performance of your roof:
seamless roofing

Seams are a dangerous thing to have on your roof.

Seamless Roofing Systems Have Fewer Leaks

One of the leading causes of home roof leaks are the seams in the roof system. If you have a metal roof, or a single-ply roof, or even a shingle roof, the seams lead to leaks in many cases. They pull apart, they come unfastened, they crack and peel, and then they leak. Eliminating seams eliminates many leaks.

Seams Lose Heat

Seams are also a weak spot in the roof in terms of insulation. They allow air to freely travel in and out of your building, which makes it difficult and expensive to maintain the temperature you want. Don’t waste money because your roof is performing poorly.

Seams Need Fasteners

Seams have to be held together and held down with something. Fasteners are often used to secure the system, and fasteners compound many of the problems seams have. They leaks, they lose heat, they back out and come unfastened, and they have to constantly be monitored.

Seams Take Time

Whether it’s at installation or afterwards and the roof needs to be maintained, seams take time to work with. They are a pain to install and they are a bigger pain when making repairs. In this world, time is money. Even if you’re installing and repairing the system yourself, there’s a cost associated with your time and seams take that time.


Seams cause nothing but trouble on your home’s roof, so check out silicone coatings as an option to coat your home, eliminate seams, and get a better roof.

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