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Why You’ll Love Silicone – No Seams

27 July, 2015

Perhaps the biggest benefit of silicone as a roof coating system is that it has no seams or gaps like most other roofs do. If you lay shingles or a single ply membrane down on your roof, they have fasteners and seams that can expose your home, garage, shed, etc to water. These seams are the most common point of failure on standard roof systems; they come loose from the roof, loose from each other, they crack, split, or dry rot, or they were simply not installed correctly and fail due to improper installation. This is a huge risk if you value what’s inside your home, which most people do.

no seams

This entire roof is coated without a single seam.

No Seams, Almost Problems

With silicone coatings, you can eliminate these seams altogether. Regardless of the current roof material, when you apply a silicone coating to your roof, you eliminate the seams’ exposure to the elements. The seams still exist, but they are no longer directly exposed to the elements. Your roof basically has no seams because no seams are exposed. Silicone serves to eliminate the seams from your roof, which eliminates a large portion of problems and leaks from your roof. Eliminating these seams saves you a ton of headache and money.

Seams Allow Heat Loss

No matter a roofing systems R-value (AKA insulation ability), the seams are weaker than the field of the material and they allow heat loss out of the roof. This means you are losing money in the form of energy through your roof because of the seams in the system. If you can get a roof system with no seams, you will be better able to control the climate in your roof.

Seams Are Difficult

Seams also take a lot of time and effort to install. Working on your roof is easy with a silicone coating, but it’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to install a system with seams every 3-6 feet. Installing a roof system with no seams is a much quicker process than a roof full of seams.


By applying a silicone coating to your roof, you can eliminate seams which cause many problems. Seams can lead to leaks, heat loss, and a difficult installation. Eliminate the seams and you eliminate the repairs.

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