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Making Small RV Repairs with a Sealant Product

04 March, 2016

We have discussed elsewhere on this blog the benefits of applying a silicone coating to your RV’s roof, but there are still other options for you if you don’t want to coat the entire surface. These include using a simple sealant for small RV repairs, and also making repairs on the roof using traditional methods. In this post, we’ll look at how you can use a sealant (or caulk) to make small RV repairs to get your roof performing at its best.

small rv repairs

A sealant – such as a caulk or paste as seen here – can be useful for small RV repairs.

Patching Small RV Repairs

As opposed to a silicone roof coating that would cover your entire RV roof and basically create a new roof on top of your RV, using a sealant or a caulk for small RV repairs is really just patching the specific problem areas on your RV. This can be convenient if you only have 2 or 3 areas that are leaking and can identify exactly where the holes are. It is much easier to dab 3 spots of a sealant on your RV roof with caulk than to coat, repair, or replace the entire thing.

Applying a bead of caulk to your RV’s roof should prevent it from leaking in the future, as caulk will adhere very tightly to the roof and form a nice, smooth layer that doesn’t allow water in. As long as the caulk is applied generously enough and is smoothened out with a finger or rag, it should create a watertight seal.

The Concern with Caulk

The major problem with using caulk to patch your roof leaks is that more leaks will likely appear in the future, and you’ll be up on the roof patching it again. Sure, if you do this one or two times it’s not a big deal, but if you’re patching the roof of your RV over and over again, you’re going to get tired of doing it.

On top of the mental fatigue that comes with working on your roof all the time, you’ll also have patches of caulk all over your RV’s roof and it won’t look as clean as it otherwise could. Coating the roof provides a much more effective, long-term solution, though it’s a larger up-front investment of time, energy, and money.


If you can easily identify the leaks on your roof and only have a few, caulk is a viable option for repairing your leaking RV roof. We do recommended that if you caulk the roof, you use a silicone because they outperform just about every other caulk out there.

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