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When Should You Make Traditional RV Repairs?

10 March, 2016

When their RV roof leaks, many people opt to repair it using the “old-fashioned”, traditional RV repairs that their father would have used. They mostly stick to these methods for a few reasons, and mostly see a few similar results each time they do. Let’s look at why people continue to use these outdated and old-fashioned repair methods and what types of results they typically achieve.

Why People Stick to Old-Fashioned Repair Methods

Most commonly, RV owners stick to old and outdated repair methods for two main reasons: They are comfortable with the methods, and they think they’re getting a more cost-effective repair with these methods.

traditional RV repairs

Traditional RV repairs remain popular because they mostly work, but there are sometimes better options.

They Use the Methods They Are Comfortable With

For many people, they simply stick with these older methods because their dad had an RV and this is the way he fixed it. Or, the last time they called a repair man, this was the way he fixed it. Well, just because something has been done a certain way historically, doesn’t mean it is the correct way to do it. Sometimes, a new repair method can be more effective.

They Believe They Are Getting a More Cost-Effect Repair

When someone tries to make traditional RV repairs on their RV, they often think that because it’s the method that’s been around the longest, they’ll get the best repair at the best price. Well again, that may not be true because new methods have been developed that take a new approach and change the game of RV roof repairs.

The Results of Most Traditional RV Repairs

In most cases, when an RV owner makes these improvements using traditional RV repairs, they typically have the same experience and results each time – they spend a lot of time and effort working on and installing the repair. They spend more time than they expected on making the repairs, and they often get in deeper financially than they expected. These are what the corporate world refers to as cost and time overruns, which is a nice way of saying the project went over-budget and didn’t go as expected. These people end up with an RV roof that no longer leaks – for the time being – but they spent a lot of time and energy getting it to be that way.


RV owners who opt to repair their roof with a silicone coating find that it is very simple, easy, cost-effective, and usually provides better results for the roof than the traditional RV repairs would have. Silicone is a foolproof method that works just as well as any of the traditional repair methods out there. Owners who use the traditional repair methods are rarely as satisfied and as happy as those who use silicone.

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