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Why You’ll Love Silicone – UV Reflective

10 July, 2015

As far as roof coatings go, we believe that there is one material that stands far and above all the rest: silicone. Silicone roof coatings are not only superior to other roofing systems, such as metal panels or asphalt shingles, but they are also superior to other roof coatings in the same roofing system family. For instance, acrylic roof coatings have been a very popular roof coating for quite some time, yet they are really only favored by so many because of their price. The only real selling point acrylic coatings have to offer is that they are cheap – both in price and in material and performance. Silicone coatings are far more UV reflective, among other benefits, than acrylic coatings.

UV reflective

UV Reflective coatings save you serious money.

The Best UV Reflective Coating

Nearly all roof coatings are UV reflective to some degree, acrylic coatings included. Not all coatings are UV reflective at the same level, though, and silicone offers the best bang for your buck in terms of reflectivity of all roof coatings. Acrylics will reflect some sunlight, over half in fact. But silicone will reflect nearly 95% of all UV rays back into the atmosphere. This means that a silicone roof coating will keep your home cooler in the summer than an acrylic coating will. Both are UV reflective, but silicone is much more UV reflective.

Reflective Means Longer Life

On top of keeping your home cooler and more comfortable, a highly reflective roof coating also helps itself out. Acrylic roof coatings will absorb a decent portion of the sun’s UV rays, and this causes the material to break down, chalk off, and peel off the roof. However, because silicone roof coatings reflect so much of the UV rays, they don’t face the same wear and tear of acrylics, and therefore can last longer with fewer problems and failures. A roof coating with high reflectivity will not only help your home, it will help the coating itself last longer.


Silicone roof coatings far outperform acrylic coatings and all other coatings in terms of reflectivity, which allows them to keep your home cooler and last longer than other coatings. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to Reflectivity.

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