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PM Home-Sil is a line of DIY roof coating products from Progressive Materials. Our Home-Sil products are designed to be liquid-applied to the existing roof on your home, shed, barn, garage, RV, or camper, to protect it from the elements, make it more energy efficient, and extend its life. There are many different benefits achieved through our coatings, which are optimized to perform in all seasons.

In the spring, our coating makes your roof completely waterproof and keeps the water outside where it belongs. In the summer, our products will reflect the sun’s rays off your home and keep the interior of your house cooler, thus keep your energy bills down. In the winter, our product helps to normalize rooftop temperature and minimize the effects of thermal shock. All year round our systems are seamless and leak-free.

We manufacture our products out of only the highest quality raw materials and in meticulous fashion. You can rest assured that when you buy roofing products from us, you are getting the best product available. Couple our product quality with our world-famous customer service, and you cannot find a better DIY shopping experience anywhere.



A seamless, waterproof membrane.

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Benefits of silicone coatings


Prep your roof surface for optimal adhesion.

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Strengthen flashings, enclose fasteners, and eliminate seams.

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making repairs


Metal Roof Repairs

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Built Up Roof Repairs

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Roof coating over EPDM

PVC, TPO Roof Repairs

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coat your home

Spray Foam Roof Repairs

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no seams

RV, Camper Roof Repairs

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RV Roof Coating