TK 5.00 Adhesion Test Kit

Our test kits are a small container of our RC 32.00 Series 100% Silicone Roof Coating. These tests are intended to be performed prior to purchasing roof coating to ensure your substrate is a candidate for our product.

Available in 4 oz. cans with brush inside.

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Basic Uses & Description:

The PM Home-Sil Adhesion Test Kit has been specially formulated and designed to test our 100% Silicone Roof Coating’s adhesion to various roofing substrates including metal, single-ply, concrete, and smooth surface built-up. If you are planning a roofing project, be sure to test our product’s adhesion to your roofing substrate prior to investing in your coating. The test will inform you on whether or not you need to use a primer on your roof prior to applying coating.

Composition & Materials:

Our test kits are filled with our PM Home-Sil RC32.00 Series Solvent-Free Silicone Roof Coating and are a dispersion of silicone rubber.  This coating is a one-part, ready-to-use material that can be applied easily to a dry, frost-free surface, and cures at normal temperature in 1 to 4 hours by reacting with moisture in the air.  For applications with lower than normal humidity levels, expect the cure time to be longer.


Our Test Kit is available in 4 oz. containers and is available only in white, unless a specific agreement is made prior to ordering.

1. Clean the surface to be tested and allow to completely dry.
1. Apply a generous coat of Home-Sil Roof Coating to testing surface with the supplied brush.
2. Embed one of the included cloth pull strips into the coating while still wet; leave 1″ of the strip uncoated.
3. Apply a second coat on top of the cloth strip.
4. Let the coating dry for a minimum of 24 hours.
1. After the coating has completely cured, pull the uncoated end of the strip straight up.
2. If the coating underneath the strip remains on the roof you have good adhesion.
3. If all of the coating pulls up, please call Progressive Materials at 812-944-7803 to discuss your other options. We have primers that can aid the coating’s adhesion to almost all surfaces.

What colors is this material available in?
Our roof coating test kit is only available in white.

How should I clean up afterwards?
Use normal precautions to avoid getting the product on your skin (wear long pants, socks, long sleeves, and work gloves). If you do get product on your skin, you can scrub it off with soap and water. Product will not come out of clothing or shoes. Clean any overspray or mess after application with 100% mineral spirits and a rag.

How should I dispose of this product when finished?
All of our products are inert. If you reach the expiration date and have leftover material, leave the product in the container with the lid off. This will allow the product to fully cure. Product can then be put in your trash can.

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