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    PF 200 Series Polyester Fabric
    PF 200 Series is a stitch-bonded, polyester reinforcing fabric designed to strengthen joints and flashings; to be used in conjunction with our 100% silicone roof coating.

    Available in 180′ rolls – 6″ and 12″ wide.

  • Flashing Sealant


    FS 4.00 Flashing Sealant

    Our flashing sealant is a specially formulated version of our roof coating that is thicker, and therefore useful in sealing flashings that require higher build and thicker material than our coating.

    Available in 2 gallon containers.

  • Silicone Caulk


    Professional Grade Silicone Sealant SS 300 Series
    SS 300 Series is a 100% silicone, low VOC roofing caulk designed to make small repairs and prep joints and protrusions for roof coating application.

    Available in cases of 12-10.0 fl. oz. tubes.

  • Does my roof need a primer

    Test Kit


    TK 5.00 Adhesion Test Kit

    Our test kits are a small container of our RC 32.00 Series 100% Silicone Roof Coating. These tests are intended to be performed prior to purchasing roof coating to ensure your substrate is a candidate for our product.

    Available in 4 oz. cans with brush inside.

  • Wet Mil Gauge


    Use a wet mil gauge to ensure you apply our high solids silicone roof coating at the right thickness. It will tell you approximately how thick you are applying the coating.