FS 4.00 Flashing Sealant

Our flashing sealant is a specially formulated version of our roof coating that is thicker, and therefore useful in sealing flashings that require higher build and thicker material than our coating.

Available in 2 gallon containers.

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Basic Uses & Description:

PM Home-Sil FG 4.00 Series Flashing Sealant is a thick, high-build liquid that resembles a rubber coating. It is a 100% silicone product containing microfibers that give it very dense properties, making it thick. It is used to flash penetrations in the roof surface.

Because PM Home-Sil FG 4.00 Series Flashing Sealant contains microfibers that make it very thick, it can stand in place of traditional rubber, mesh and polyester seam fabrics or tapes. Rather than laying down a roll of tape over separated seams or other flashings, this product can be brush applied much more quickly and will be much stronger. It should be applied over the seam and then used in conjunction with our PM Home-Sil 32.00 Series Roof Coating.

PM Home-Sil FG 4.00 Series Flashing Sealant is not only useful for sealing seams in the roof membrane, but many other protrusions from the roof surface, such as pipes, drains, and small cracks.

Packaging Information:

PM Home-Sil FG 4.00 Series Flashing Sealant is available in 2 gallon containers.

1. Stir product thoroughly for a minimum of 3 minutes using a mixer attached to a power drill.
2. Clean and dry the roofing surface prior to application.
3. Ensure that previous applications of FS 4.00 Flashing Sealant or other coatings are clean, dry and well cured before recoating.
1. Apply FS 4.00 Flashing Sealant by brush, roller, trowel, or putty knife as received.
2. Force the product down into all penetrations and over all protrusions.
3. Allow the first coat to dry for 3 to 12 hours.
4. Apply top coats as soon as the first coat can be safely walked on.
5. For cold weather application, keep material stored above 65°F (18°C).
6. Application tools and equipment can be cleaned with 100% Pure Mineral Spirits. DO NOT USE WATER OR RECLAIMED SOLVENTS.
1. FS 4.00 Flashing Sealant contains solvent and is combustible. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame.
2. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors and prolonged or repeated skin contact.
3. Use only with adequate ventilation.

How does this material compare to acrylic caulking sealants?
Silicone is superior to acrylic in four key ways. We like to stress these differences as much as possible. 1) Prep times are much greater for acrylic, and once installed they can take up to 80x longer to cure than silicone. 2) Water based vs. Silicone based. Acrylic coatings are water based, and therefore they cannot resist the elements and ponding water like silicone can. 3) Wash-off is a problem for acrylics. They are an evaporative cure product, and run a high risk of wash off shortly after installation. Silicone does not face this same problem because it is moisture-curing. 4) The “Green” advantages. Silicone is the lowest VOC roofing product on the market, 4-8 times less than acrylic VOC content. Silicone lasts longer, and never needs to be replaced, only reapplied. That longer life-cycle leads to a much lower environmental impact.

How do I know if I need a primer?
Our Flashing Sealant adheres to most substrates without a primer, and we’ve worked hard to make it so. See a list of primer-free substrates below.

What substrates can I use this material on without a primer?
Our Flashing Sealant can be applied over concrete, modified bitumen, single-ply, metal roof panel, and smooth BUR without a primer.

How should I apply this material?
Apply Flashing Sealant by brush, roller, trowel, or putty knife.

What colors is this material available in?
Our flashing seam sealant is only available in white.

Is there a mildicide in this material?
There is no mildicide in our Flashing Sealant because mildew does not grow on the surface of our silicone products. Unlike acrylic products our flashing grade seam sealant is inert and does not provide a food source for mildew or mold.

Can I pressure wash this product?
All of our products can be pressure washed at a low power setting (<2,500 psi) once installed and cured.

Does this product have a UL approval rating?
All of our products are UL rated when installed on a non-combustible surface.

How should I clean up afterwards?
Use normal precautions to avoid getting the product on your skin (wear long pants, socks, long sleeves, and work gloves). If you do get product on your skin, you can scrub it off with soap and water. Product will not come out of clothing or shoes. Clean any overspray or mess after application with 100% mineral spirits and a rag.

How should I dispose of this product when finished?
All of our products are inert. If you reach the expiration date and have leftover material, leave the product in the container unsealed. This will allow the product to fully cure. Product can then be put in your trash can.

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